So you want to build the website of your dreams? With this tutorial I aim to help you with the goal of setting up a dreamy website powered by WordPress and made pretty by Glam Ink. Please note that themes work only with self-hosted WordPress installs (, NOT with platforms such as or Blogger.

· Step 1 · Purchase a domain name

The first step is choosing and purchasing a domain name. You can choose a .com, your country’s extension/tld (for example .de for Germany) or one of the new and awesome gTLDs launched in the last 4 years (note: 4 years as of 2017).

You can buy domains from or any other domain registrar of your choice.

· Step 2 · Purchase hosting

This step is comprised of choosing a hosting provider and purchasing hosting on a server for your website. There are a lot of options out there and you can take your pick to best fit your budget and your website traffic.

· Step 3 · Install WordPress

WordPress can be installed in two ways:

  1. Classic WordPress install (for more advanced users): See details and instructions on WordPress Codex here.
  2. One-click install: Many hosting companies (such as BlueHost and Media Temple) offer an easy install option for WordPress. Please check with your hosting provider to find out if they offer such an option. This is an option to use only if there’s no other choice, personally I do not recommend it, as I’ve seen poor performance and poor server resource management for installs made like this.

· Step 4 · Purchase a theme

After the purchase of a Glam Ink theme, you will receive by email the download link for your purchase. Download the theme and proceed to next step.

· Step 5 · Install the theme

There are two ways to install a theme:

  1. Option 1 (advanced): Upload via FTP the unzipped theme folder to wp-content/themes directory.
  2. Option 2 (recommended): Use the “Install themes” function from WordPress Dashboard.
    • Go to Appearance > Themes. Click the “Add New” button located in the page top part.
    • Click “Upload Theme” button.
    • Browse and choose your archived .zip theme file and then click the “Install Now” button.

After installing, activate the theme.

· Step 6 · Setup/Customize the theme

I create Theme Options for each of my themes, so you can easily customize the theme with Customizer. Each theme has a different set of options, so please check the themes documentation for details and support.

· Step 8 · Add content

Start adding content. Happy posting!